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Twitch Analysis for December

Twitch Analysis for December

The last month of the year had some interesting moments when it comes to the ranking of Twitch categories. In our December report, we will tell you about the exact changes to the game's standings in this ranking.

Overall, there was a shortage of interesting Twitch-related news until the end of the month – when the developers of Escape from Tarkov have unveiled a drop support system for the game's Twitch viewers. The system has rewarded the viewer in a cyclical fashion after set periods of time – however, the item obtained (as well as it's rarity) was randomly determined. This has served to greatly increase the player interest towards this shooter. As a result, the game has climbed 8 ranking positions at once.

The Path of Exile has shown the biggest growth within the ranking, climbing 23 spots higher than a month earlier thanks to the "Conquerors of Atlas" expansion. This seems to be a common trend for Path of Exile – the releases of new content being matched with such popularity spikes were a common sight during the last year.

We should also note the comeback of Teamfight Tactics. Earlier, it was commonly believed that the game would leave the platform's top 20 altogether – but the game has proven everyone wrong, finishing the year at 18th spot, which also means that it has climbed 2 spots higher compared to November.

Another entry to stand out was Hearthstone. Its early December "Descent of Dragons" expansion has provided the game with new maps and the players with extra motivation for viewing the process of integration of these maps into the current metagame. The recently added autobattler-style mode was also adjusted. All of this gave a decent boost to the success of this CCG.

There were no changes to Fortnite and CS:GO. The former project got a second wind, as noted by many streamers. Ninja, who is one of the game's most influential users (despite leaving Twitch), made a recent remark about this as well.

On the other hand, CS:GO has successfully wrapped all of its significant event, staying in the limbo all the way until the New Year's Eve – and is likely to receive even higher viewership figures and ranking position afterwards. As of now, it is located at the fourth spot of the ranking. This is still higher than Dota 2 – which continues its negative dynamics by dropping by yet another spot in December.

The biggest decrease of popularity was on the part of the Pokémon Sword/Shield. This RPG has managed to drop 10 spots compared to the previous month – but such outcome was pretty much expected (given that the most of the game's content was already consumed), leading to a decrease in the viewer interest.

The last month of the year was quite interesting in its own way; despite being an "esports dead season", it still had plenty of reasons for the ordinary gamers to spend their time watching the broadcasts of their favorite games.

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