ESL One Cologne 2020: NA is no longer the leader

ESL One Cologne 2020: NA is no longer the leader

ESL One Cologne 2020 meant to be the first LAN-tournament after the pandemic, but the epidemiological situation didn't make it happen, so the event was held online.

The North American championship was held from August 18 to 29 and opened the series. 8 teams were fighting for $135,000. The participants were chosen based on the number of collected points and ESL World Ranking.

The region has suffered changes because of Made in Brazil transition to the European division. This led to a complete statistical decrease of North America compared to Europe, though the region was leading 2 tournaments in a row.

Thanks to an enormous fanbase, the second Brazilian team Furia has saved NA stats by collecting 103K Average Viewers on the matches. Their fight with 100Thieves became the most popular and gathered 143K viewers at the peak. The winners of the tournament are Evil Geniuses.

The Viewers Peak of the tournament is 168K viewers. 17% of spectators preferred to watch the broadcast on YouTube, the rest was on Twitch. 

Brazilian Gaules became the most popular streamer. He collected 76K viewers at the peak and has overtaken the official ESL_CSGO broadcast on Twitch. Thanks to him and RTP Arena, 77K Portuguese-speaking viewers watched the broadcast.

4 teams competed in the Asian region. The peak was at the finals between Tyloo and VG - 19K viewers.

Tyloo were dominating during the whole season. They went through the upper bracket without any losses and celebrated the final victory. 10,2K watched their matches on average, though their rivals ViCi Gaming became more popular - 10,3K Average Viewers.

Official English broadcast became the most popular by collecting 9,4K Peak Viewers. Unlike European and American regions, Asia and Oceania had official broadcasts only in Russian and English.

Oceania became the third region in the series and has shown the worst results compared to others.

Team Avant was the leader by Average Viewers and Hours Watched. They've fallen into the lower bracket at the beginning and made a comeback.

The finals finished with a loss for Avant. Their rivals, Renegades, ended the tournament with no defeat. Renegades have collected 7,6K, and Avant gathered 9,6K Average Viewers on their matches.

The Peak was on the match of Avant vs. ORDER - 18K viewers.

Compared to ESL One Road to Rio, Asia and Oceania have lost some views, and Peak Viewers decreased in half because the audience lost interest.

Europe is the most prominent event in the series. 16 top-teams were selected based on their ESL rating and the results of EPEC 2020 and ESL Meisterschaft.

327K viewers watched the European region at the peak, and 56% of that number came from Gaules, that's why Portuguese became the most popular language of the European region. But Portuguese fans contributed only 22,4% to the total Hours Watched number, while English-speaking viewers came up with 52,7%.

Russian-speaking viewers became the third by popularity, they've contributed 14,1% of Hours Watched, and 93K Peak Viewers watched Maincast broadcast.

Made in Brazil became the most popular team - 233K viewers watched for them on average. Surprisingly, the Viewers Peak of the tournament was reached during their match versus FaZe Clan in the group stage, not the finals. But Mibr lost to FaZe Clan and left the tournament.

The second most popular team is NA'VI - 194K viewers watched their matches on average. Their battle against Mouz became the second by popularity - 312K Peak Viewers. But they also didn't reach the playoffs.

French team Vitality and Danish team Heroic were the finalists, and their last clash collected 239K Peak Viewers and became the 4th by popularity.

All EU tournaments of 2020 collected fewer viewers than North American. The transition of Made in Brazil to the European division has changed the situation in favor of Europe.

If NA'VI and MIBR had entered the playoffs, we would have seen the new record of CS:GO online scene because the audience of these two teams is one of the most active.

Even if NA'VI leave the tournament in the middle of the event, they still will be the most popular team. We've seen such a situation on ESL One Road to Rio CIS.

Mibr always collect a lot of views thanks to major support from Gaules in socials.

Let's see how the transition of one of Brazil's most popular teams will affect the European region. More viewership stats are in our socials and on our Discord server.

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