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The most popular esports events of November

The most popular esports events of November

Mobile esports continues reaching new heights, with three of the most popular events of the month being dedicated to Free Fire. Find out which other events are among the most watched tournaments of the month with our November 2020 report.

It is the first time for Free Fire to see a Latin American regional championship ranked below that of another region. Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Asia with its 1,6 million peak viewers became the most watched event in November. The majority of views were brought by viewers from India. Partly to blame is the ban of PUBG Mobile in September, which caused some of the Indian fans of battle royale to switch to the game’s main rival: Free Fire.

Bringing together the strongest teams in Latin America, Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Americas became the second most popular tournament of the month. The Spanish-language broadcast was responsible for 55,6% of the championship's total views, while the other 44,4% of views were brought by the Portuguese-language broadcast. This suggests that the popularity of LATAM is higher than that of Brazil.

The third spot in the top went to Free Fire League 2020 Clausura, a competition for all South America except Brazil. This time the Spanish-speaking residents of Latin America were responsible for the indicator. Despite Spanish being the world’s second most popular language, the peak viewers indicator was only 40 thousand viewers below that of Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Americas.

It is important to note that our November results do not include the platform results due to the verification of the data provided by the platform.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 is behind the first week of the previous World Championship by almost 21%. It should be noted that Indonesian viewers were responsible for the bulk of the first week views. Meanwhile, only two Indonesian teams participated in the tournament. The peak viewers indicator of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship still has potential to change, given that the championship itself will only end in January 2021. In other words, it still has a chance to become one of top events of the discipline.

ONE Esports MPL Invitational became yet another representative of mobile esports in the top 5. The mark of 514 thousand peak viewers became the sixth highest in the discipline’s history. The championship lacked only 133 thousand peak viewers to reach the fifth highest position, currently taken by MLBB World Championship 2019. Indonesian viewers were responsible for a little more than half of the hours watched, and it was thanks to them the tournament managed to enter the top 5.

The English-speaking viewers gave the most attention to the Fall Guys show tournament at GlitchCon. The competition gathered 303 thousand viewers on its broadcasts thanks to such participants as xQc, Nightblue3 or TFue.

Additionally, when it comes to the events at GlitchCon, Twitch Rivals tournament in League of Legends became another popular tournament of the top. The tournament’s success was assured by participation of game category’s popular streamers, such as Tyler1. More details about the event can be found in our article.

The second most popular event among the English-speaking audience was IEM Beijing Online 2020 Europe, the final of which gathered 265 thousand peak viewers. The attention of English-speaking viewers was largely bound to the event, bringing it 53% of total hours watched. We covered the competition in more details in our IEM Beijing results article.

The top contained another CS: GO tournament: BLAST Premier 2020 Fall Series Groups. Standing out this time were Astralis and G2. The encounter was interesting due to star captain Nikola "NiKo" Kovač joining G2’s roster right before the tournament. His performance in the new roster while facing the planet’s strongest team was extremely interesting for many fans of the discipline.

The entry of Brawlhalla World Championship 2020 was unexpected. The World Championship in the far from popular Brawlhalla game became the fourth most popular tournament of November among the English-speaking audience. And this is of no coincidence, given that the game has been gaining momentum over the past few months. The drop system (which allows viewers to receive unique in-game gifts for watching broadcasts) is to blame here. 

The Russian-speaking audience was also able to surprise everyone in November. While the CIS-based viewers have shown relatively little interest in mobile esports so far, lately the attention to the industry has grown. And so, the fifth spot was taken by the year’s final Free Fire tournament, which was watched by 118 thousand peak viewers. As of today that’s a record for the discipline among the Russian-speaking viewers.

Natus Vincere showed some outstanding performance in November as well, with three matches with the organization's participation reaching the top all at once. The IEM Beijing Online 2020 Europe final was the most popular among the three, followed by the matches at ESL One Germany 2020 and EPIC League Season 2 Division 1.

The top also contained a show tournament. It was the Buster All-Star Series - Buster vs Bratishkinoff from the popular streamer in the CIS known under the nickname Buster. His match against Team Bratishkinoff (region’s another popular streamer) attracted 121 thousand peak viewers, a mark which allowed the Buster channel to set a record for the Russian-speaking segment of the audience (that is, excluding studios and channels of tournament operators).

In November, gAuLeS achieved the highest peak viewers indicator among all esports channels. It happened during the broadcast of the MiBR match at BLAST Premier 2020 Fall Series Groups. Additionally, thanks to the Brazilian fans, this encounter began setting new records starting from its very first minutes. The English-language stream was another channel of the tournament to enter the top, taking the fourth spot – this time thanks to the English-speaking viewers. More details about the tournament can be found in our blog.

With nearly all of its viewers gathered on one channel, Brawlhalla World Championship 2020 became the third most popular Twitch channel in November. This is a very rare occurrence during the esports events broadcasts. Another thing this points towards is that the game's entire audience seems to use a single platform: Twitch.

Among Twitch channels, the second and fifth best results of November were obtained by the Russian-language studio Maincast, with the Dota 2 and CS: GO tournaments from ESL being responsible for respective high indicators.

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