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The most popular tournaments of June 2020

The most popular tournaments of June 2020

The representatives of mobile esports have once again made their way into the most popular tournaments of June. The main off-season tournaments were able to take two out of five spots among the most popular competitions of the month. Meanwhile, the top 5 once again features LoL – this time thanks to the start of the summer split.

MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup became the most popular event of June, gathering 705 thousand viewers. The main Mobile Legends tournament of the first half of the year has brought together national teams of Southeast Asian countries in an online format – which didn't stop it from achieving a spectacular result. This was especially true for the Indonesian broadcast, responsible for bringing almost all the views.

League of Legends has occupied two spots in the top at once. The start of the main Korean league took the second spot. The match between the three-time world champions T1 and the young talents of DRX brought together 672 thousand viewers – which is the best start of a split in LCK history. The Korean event fell short of about 300 thousand viewers from reaching a brand new peak viewers mark.

The European championship took the fourth spot. The match of G2 vs. Vitality has gathered 493 thousand viewers. It should be noted that this is also one of the best results displayed by LEC. We've elaborated on the first week of the summer split in more detail in our blog.

The BLAST Premier Spring online tournament for the American region has taken the middle spot of the general top. The match of the Brazilian MiBR team versus the Americans from EG has gathered 504 thousand peak viewers. Of particular help was gAuLes, bringing the tournament thousands of viewers with his broadcast. 

Closing the top 5 was yet another mobile game championship – Premier League, which dedicated to Arena of Valor. The group stage of the competition has attracted 412 thousand peak viewers. You can find more details about this championship in our special report.

The English-speaking viewers have retained their preferences, with their top 5 featuring exclusively Call of Duty and LoL. Moreover, only one of these five tournaments was held outside of North America.

The League of Legends events became the most popular competitions out of these, with the North American regional tournament, LCS, holding the top spot. It should be noted that despite the viewability problems faced by the LoL Championship Series, it still remains number one for the English-speaking viewers.

The remaining three spots went to the events dedicated to the Call of Duty battle royale. All of them have featured the participation of popular streamers. In addition, the competition from Code Red was a charity event. It should be noted that the discipline's main league has turned out to be much less popular. The last stop of Call of Duty League 2020 Paris has amounted to only 64 thousand peak viewers – which is not even close to the Warzone indicators. 

The usual trends of the Russian-speaking viewers are still in place, with their top being filled exclusively by the Valve game. In June, the CS:GO competitions stood out the most among these.

WePlay! Clutch Island was the most popular event of the month for the Russian-speaking audience. This was the first additional tournament from the series of the Rio Major 2020 regional ranking competitions for the CIS. The loss of Natus Vincere to the young roster of Gambit has only added fuel to the fire.

There were two more CS:GO tournaments in the face of BLAST Premier Spring Europe and DreamHack Masters Spring Europe. All the peak viewers indicators were obtained at the matches featuring NAVI. It is amazing to realize that one team is helping various tournaments to gather hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The match between Secret and Nigma at BEYOND Epic was the second interesting feature of the Russian-language top. Usually, this audience is monitoring only the CIS-based team. However, even the Russian-speaking audience could not resist the allure of Team Secret.

In June, /gAuLeS became the most popular esports channel. Having been gathering a huge audience of fans on his personal stream for several months in a row, the Brazilian streamer has set a record of 390 thousand peak viewers in June.

Breaking another record was the /riotgamesbrazil channel (because of broadcasting the Brazilian CBLOL league). Following it were two more League of Legends channels: /lpl (because of LPL Summer) and /lck (because of LCK Summer). Closing the top 4 was the English-language stream of DreamHack Masters Spring 2020.

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