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The most popular streamers of August on Mixer

The most popular streamers of August on Mixer

We continue to summarize the results of August in the gaming world. This time, our agency will talk about the most popular streamers of another platform: Mixer.

In case you missed this, know that we have discussed this topic before, just concentrating on the results of July. For this platform, the second month of summer was held without the participation of Ninja. Therefore, we were interested to find out how Mixer fared without the participation of its new star.

As expected by many, that very Ninja became the first. In his first month in “the new castle”, he has achieved a mark of 93 thousand peak viewers. Of course, such a figure was obtained during his debut stream. As for the hours watched, he managed to achieve a total of 3 million 435 thousand.

When Tyler's first achievements are compared with the ones from July, a significant decrease of performance can be noticed. The number of hours watched fell by 730 thousand hours. Along with this, the number of peak broadcast viewers has decreased to 93 thousand. It was for the first time since this year's March that the maximum number of viewers of his stream has fell below 168 thousand.

Watching the middle of the ranking, one can notice its “musicality.” The second on the list was the official channel of the music label Monstercat. Following it is VintageRoom, and completing the three is ChilledCat.

All these pages have one thing in common: they are engaged in continuous broadcasting of music. As a result of this, the channels get a large number of broadcast hours, which then yield extra hours watched. As a result, our ranking contains three music-related broadcasts at once.

Completing the top 5 is KemaBaba. And in this case, the 24/7 format became the ruling factor. The owner of the fifth spot of the list has also immersed into continuous broadcasts. In addition, he received viewers because of a special system, giving the platform's points out to the viewers, which the latter could use to purchase new looks in a unique store.

Our top 5 currently shows that continuous streams became victorious. They get too much airtime, which in turn helps these streams enter the top by hours watched.

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