Esports Charts PRO

Advanced access to international esports statistics

Improve your esports experience with the Esports Charts PRO subscription, which gives you access to more detailed tournament and channel analytics.

PRO Features

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Tournaments statistics split by languages and platforms

PRO provides additional Peak Viewer statistics for languages and platfroms. Find out the Peak Viewers for Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and other languages.

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Filter popular matches of a tournament by language and platform

Get access to the top matches of any tournament, with the ability to sort by languages and platforms. For example, find out which match was the most popular in French, or had more viewers on YouTube!

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Most popular teams of a tournament

TOP-5 teams of a tournament with the ability to sort by two main metrics: "Hours Watched" and "Average Viewers"!

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Twitch and YouTube statistics

Overall Twitch and YouTube statistics for each event: views, likes/dislikes, number of channels, and subscriber count growth.

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Tournaments comparison

What is more popular, LoL or Dota 2 tournaments? Which event collects the biggest amount of viewers? Now it’s just a few clicks away thanks to our compare tool

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Twitch channels and categories ratings

The TOP 20 channels and games on the most popular broadcast platform. Sort your data for any available time period, with an additional language filter for channels.

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Social networks analysis

Who achieved the biggest subscriber growth during a particular event?

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Main channel stats

- Now live
- Peak Viewers
- Hours Watched
- Average Viewers and many more

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