Viewership statistics of 2019
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Advanced access to international esports statistics

Upgrade your Esports Charts experience with Esports Charts Pro, a new monthly subscription service designed to help you get the most of global esports tournaments numbers and facts. Subscribing to Esports Charts Pro you receive access to our newest features and also support our development team.

PRO Features

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Tournaments statistics split by languages and platforms

PRO access provides additional numbers on viewers' peaks for all languages and platforms. For example, you can find out what the peak was on the Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and many other broadcasts.

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Filter popular matches of a tournament by language and platform

See which matches gathered the biggest audience for particular language and/or platform. For example, you can find out the most popular matches among French audiences or viewers on YouTube.

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Most popular teams of a tournament

Find out who became the tournament stars! Which team has become the most popular? All this is available in the Pro version.

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Twitch statistics

Discover the channels that have broadcasted a tournament; channels total number, their views statistics and subscribers growth.

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Tournaments infographics

All the infograpics are available at the tournament page directly; no need to go through our social networks to see them.

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Twitch channels and categories ratings

Brand new section with no limits for you! Subscription will allow you to create your own rating according to your dates and other filters.

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Tournaments comparison

What is more popular, LoL or Dota 2? Which esports event collects the biggest amount of viewers? Now it’s just a few clicks away thanks to our new comparison page.

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Social networks analysis

Who achieved the biggest subscriber growth during a particular event?

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Main channel stats

- Now live
- Peak Viewers
- Hours Watched
- Average Viewers and many more

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