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Esports Viewership Stats for 2018
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Esports tournaments

Logo Title Prize pool Peak viewers Hours watched Event date
Brasil Game Cup 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 3.05K Hours watched 38.65K 27.03.19 - 10.09.19
Duration: 40 hours
NBA 2K League 2019 Regular Season Prize pool - Peak viewers 17.63K Hours watched 293.05K 10.04.19 - 19.07.19
Duration: 58 hours
GrandMasters 2019 Season 1 Asia-Pacific Prize pool - Peak viewers 38.27K Hours watched 315.84K 17.05.19 - 14.07.19
Duration: 16 hours
GrandMasters 2019 Season 1 Europe Prize pool - Peak viewers 46.29K Hours watched 578.05K 17.05.19 - 14.07.19
Duration: 18 hours
GrandMasters 2019 Season 1 Americas Prize pool - Peak viewers 42.17K Hours watched 528.97K 17.05.19 - 14.07.19
Duration: 23 hours
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The most popular tournaments of April

Monthly reports

The most popular tournaments of April

In April, the esports industry was literally shaken by a certain mobile game event. At the same time, this month was filled with lots of interesting tournaments and competitions. We present you the ranking of the most popular events for the second month of spring.

WePlay: The first attempt

Tournaments stats

WePlay: The first attempt

In the beginning of May, an extremely interesting event took place in Kiev. Esports studio WePlay! Esports held the finals of “Forge of Masters. WePlay! League.” The event's main focus was not as much on distributing the prize pool among the best of the best, but rather on increasing the overall level of the region at large. This competition will be the topic of today's article.

Clash Royale: Most popular mobile representative of 2018

Mobile esports

Clash Royale: Most popular mobile representative of 2018

Mobile esports is constantly gaining momentum. With each year, the audience of this branch of esports is growing in scale. Today we will tell you about Clash Royale, which became one of the most successful representatives of this industry in 2018.

MSI 2019: New record for Group Stage

Tournaments stats

MSI 2019: New record for Group Stage

Earlier, our web portal has summarized the results of the preliminary stage of the Mid-Season Invitational 2019. Now the group part of the championship has come to an end. In this article we will closely inspect its results, as well as provide a comparison with its counterpart from the last year.

The most popular SC2 players of 2018

Teams stats

The most popular SC2 players of 2018

We have already told you about the results shown by the organizations in three different team disciplines. But what about the single representatives of these very teams? Today we will talk about StarCraft 2 and its most popular players of 2018.

MSI 2019: Play-In Viewership results

Tournaments stats

MSI 2019: Play-In Viewership results

Our team has summarized the Play-In stage of the main spring event of the League of Legends' worldwide competitive scene. This stage of the championship was entered by the members of the former WildCard, who currently participate in a similar qualifier, one which covers the main regions of the discipline.

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