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CoD Warzone: the first week on Twitch

March has featured a number of major game releases. The Call of Duty Warzone battle royale became one of the more important newcomers of the month. The game has enjoyed a quite successful release, and now we will tell you about its performance on Twitch over the first week.

This time the Activision's battle royale game was free-to-play. A similar game mode (released by the company last year) was accessible only to the owners of Black Ops 4. Compared to that, the first results of Warzone only reinforce the impression that Activision's decision was spot on.

The shooter's popularity has continued to grow over time, in stark contrast to other major recent titles (such as Death Stranding). The game has shown very promising indicators on the day of its release. So far, the first day has attracted 170 thousand average viewers and 519 thousand peak viewers.

Fast forward a week, and we see the average viewers indicator on Twitch rising by 24%, while the peak viewers indicator decreases by 27%. In regard to this it can be said that the stable result is the one which holds more importance; after all the games are usually unable to beat the records set on their first day.

Summit1G became the week's most popular streamer of the debut week, with a total of 3 million hours watched. The respective indicator of his nearest rival, Dr DisRespect, was twice lower than that: 1 million 320 thousand hours watched. Such a difference was caused by a nearly 90 hours worth of airtime.

Warzone also holds an important advantage over many other releases, that being a competitive component. A large portion of viewer interest can be attributed to the recent Code Green championship – which has featured many popular players and streamers, as well as a prize pool of $50 thousand.

This particular competition has gathered 317 thousand peak viewers and 281 thousand average viewers on its broadcasts. The 7 hours of airtime have translated into a total of 1 million 782 thousand hours watched. These indicators are quite good for such a small event.

This was achieved thanks to properly handling both the list of the participants and the event's format. Namely, the organizers have invited three-person teams to their event, with these teams being composed of both the stars of the local Call of Duty audience and the world-famous personalities such as Shroud.

Additionally, the determination of the winner was based on the kill count rather than taking the spot on the map. This kind of decision has already proved its worth for the other battle royale games, forcing the participants into constant battles – and therefore producing the type of activity the viewers enjoy so much.

To conclude, it can be easily seen that the game's release went quite well. The newly introduced mode was readily embraced by the community, leading to its further development. In case the situation will keep its momentum, we may well be seeing the return of the battle royales to the very top of the gaming industry's popularity ranking.

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