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Auto Chess: From being a mod to having its own category

Posted Mar 21, 2019

The Dota Auto Chess custom mod was having its own category for several days now. With the mod now completely splitting from the original game, we've decided to show just how exactly did this impact the performance and popularity of each.

Firstly, we should note that the most likely reason for Twitch adding the new game to its list is the appearance of the mobile version of Auto Chess. But it looks like the content makers have also decided to use the same category for their Dota 2 custom mod streams – with the latter having received so much attention as a result.

Speaking about the mobile version, we should remind that it has already been released for China, with the worldwide release coming up next. Along with the announcement of the game itself, a tournament was announced with a prize fund of one and a half million dollars. Doesn't this remind you of anything?

At the moment, one trend seems to stand out. Before Auto Chess has received its own category, the minimal amount of Dota 2 viewers did not fall below the mark of 25-30 thousand. But after the two have drifted apart, this figure has already dropped to 10 thousand, seemingly being directly dependent on the success of Auto Chess.

Once added to the Twitch list, the game has reached its highest peak figure of 66,438 viewers. The number of "chess"-broadcasting channels has peaked at 289 channels total so far.

At the same time, we should also note a slight drop in the minimal amount of viewers for the Dota 2 itself. Judging by the statistics, this drop is directly proportional to the online presence demonstrated by the Auto Chess category.

The above-mentioned situation regarding the statistics may not be seen as clearly due to the eleventh DreamLeague season happening at the same time, with it also being one of the major competitions of the 2018/19 DPC season. But a week past its end we should already be able to obtain a precise estimation of the statistics of Valve's game.

The level of ridiculousness has reached the point when, early in the morning of March 20, the mod's popularity has exceeded that of its progenitor. Are we seeing the new iteration of the story between Dota and WarCraft 3? The fact that the Defense of the Ancients is the "retiring one" now seems quite amusing.

We will continue to follow these two games, with plans to publish a more detailed comparison of the both sides soon. In order to not miss this upcoming article, be sure to subscribe to our social networks and do not forget about the Esports Charts' own Discord server.

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