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Esports Charts X Canberra Havoc

Posted Dec 02, 2019

Esports Charts analytical agency announces the signing of a partnership agreement with the young Australian esports organization Canberra Havoc.

“We are delighted to become the analytical partner for the new rapidly developing organization, which is starting its activity on the international stage soon,” said Artyom Oditsov, CEO of Esports Charts. ”In recent years, esports data has become important not only for organizers, but also for teams, and we strongly believe that our partnership will bring significant value for Canberra Havoc development.”

Among other things, Esports Charts will support the development of Canberra Havoc by providing expert reports and assessments of the state of the esports market.

“Canberra Havoc is delighted to partner with Esports Charts. We believe this arrangement benefits both parties and we are excited to gain quantitative insights into esports viewership that will assist us in applying further financial certainty to a growing industry sector,” said Jack Rees, CEO of Canberra Havoc.

Esports Charts wishes good luck for Canberra Havoc on the RLCS World Championships in Madrid, 2019 December 12-15. The RLCS Season 7 reached more than 200 thousand viewers at the peak.

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