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Mixer's Q4 2019 results

Posted Feb 04, 2020

In 2019, Mixer reinforced its worldwide presence, becoming a source of increasingly hyped news for almost the entirety of the year's second half. Today we will tell you how the platform has finished the year.

Before that, let's take a look at the platform's main highlights during the past year. First of all, Mixer has managed to stand out not once but twice by the means of its own LevelUpCast show that has managed to attract more than a million viewers. The platform has also held official broadcasts of the E3 exhibition during the summer.

Microsoft has managed to start the biggest level of hype by luring to their side the main face of Twitch: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. After all, Tyler's switch the Mixer has attracted a lot of attention. As a result, the streamer became the most popular one on the platform over his first month. We have covered this subject in detail in a dedicated article.

The next milestone was yet another new representative of Mixer: this time it was Shroud. The former cyberathlete was subsequently frequently criticized for such a stunt. At one of the broadcasts, Mike has stated that after this switch it seems like a good time to him to enjoy his favorite projects, given that it is no longer required for him to play in order to gather the viewers.

The summary of the year's results themselves seems to be somewhat ambiguous. The two aforementioned transitions (combined with a number of smaller ones) has indeed attracted new viewers to the platform. When it comes to the hours watched, there is a 13% worth decrease compared to the Q3 2019.

All in all, this hints at the top streamers bringing their audience to the platform yet failing to make it stay. Once the major channels halt their activities due to going on vacation, the respective viewers simply return back to Twitch. This is a direct consequence of Mixer's current inability to provide such viewers with extra content – which stems from Mixer's current shortage of streamers. The Monstercat channel, known for being responsible for the large share of platform's views, has also lost a part of its audience.

What about the fourth quarter itself? The channels of Ninja and Shroud became the most popular at the time. While Tyler has switched to the platform earlier, he doesn't really display an advantage over his rival. Earlier, we have shown that even within the equal broadcast length wind, Blevins had a higher average viewers indicator.

From the other side, there are some rather big problems related to the round-the-clock duration streams. In case you didn't know, Mixer has its own counterpart of Twitch Drops, allowing each viewer to farm special points to be used later to buy unique content in Microsoft's partner games. Round-the-clock channels are then created in order to farm such points.

The platform's owners seem to have acknowledged the problem, stating the readiness to combat it in their last report. If so, this will level up the platform's competitive field – as long as the viewers will be prevented from simply farming the points, this will force them to spectate the channels of actual streamers. This may just provide the chance smaller channels need to show themselves.

Let's hope that in 2020, Mixer's achievements will not stop at this, and that it will continue to pressure its rivals. If the first news of this year are of any indication, Microsoft itself seems to fully embrace this idea.

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