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The most popular streamers of Febuary on Twitch

Even the shortest month of the year the industry still has had some major events. In today's report we are going to tell you about the most popular streamers on Twitch in February 2020.

The position of the most popular streamer on the platform hasn't changed by the end of the winter. The title once again went to one of the old-timers - Summit1G. In February most of the time the streamer played Escape From Tarkov, and on rare occasions he switched to other games.

The second place went to the Loltyler1, a representative of the other genre. One of the reasons Tyler was able to keep such a big viewer count is his experiments with the jungle role. As Summit1G, Tyler also played only one game most of the time, although this time it was League of Legends.

A team channel Method has been ranked right in the middle of the list. These guys were always famous for their raids and PvP battles. In February the team Method once again has participated in so called "World First race", and alongside their PvE battles, they have also practiced some 3v3 arena in World Of Warcraft.

xQc has managed to keep his spot in the top 5, although his channel still took some hit in terms of viewer count in comparison to his January numbers. As we mentioned in the past, Felix is one of the streamers with the biggest variety of content. While streaming one of the games which involved nudity, xQc has violated the Twitch TOS and therefore received a 3 day ban, and that's most likely the main reason why his channel has dropped to the fourth place.

This time, a Brazilian commentator gAuLeS took fifth place. In February he continued to highlight the performances of the Brazil representatives on the world stage. His channel grew so rapidly mainly because of his coverage of two tournaments: DreamHack Anaheim and BLAST Premier Spring 2020.

Russian community, on the other hand, was not so stable.

In February SilverName became the most popular CIS streamer. Vladislav has continued trying to get the first place in the game leaderboards. At the same time Hearthstone developers have released the update for the "Battleground" mode, and because of that a lot of Hearthstone fans tuned into Vladislav's streams to see how the update has affected the meta.

This time, Stray228 has won the monthly rivalry between him and ybicanoooobov. Unlike ybicanoooobov, Stray228 has managed to maintain his position from the previous month. And as a result, he became the second most popular CIS streamer.

Dread, one of the veterans of the Dota 2 scene has made a comeback. One of the reasons for his channel rapid growth is his somewhat unconventional esports content. On his streams Andrey broadcasted practice games of his team, KBU. It was an extremely interesting content for the Dota 2 fans in the CIS region, especially because they've participated in the Epic Origins - one of the most popular CIS leagues.

For the first time since August ALOHADANCE has fought his way to the top five. All this time the player has been trying to make a comeback to the competitive Dota 2 scene, but it didn't prevent him from streaming. Of course, It goes without saying, that these two things would interfere with one another, and eventually the streamer fell of the grid for a few months and only came back in February, 2020.

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