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Animal Crossing: More popular than CS:GO?

Animal Crossing: More popular than CS:GO?

Today we will add a positive vibe into your daily searching and tell you about a life simulator called Animal Crossing: New Horizons in order to distract you from the worldwide situation with COVID-19.

You can ask, why do I need to read about a life simulator? The answer is: the game has hit the Twitch top 5 by Hours Watched for the last 7 days after the six days of its launch and overtook Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

The game has set a sales record. 1,88M copies were sold across Japan in the first three days, not including digital sales. Last year's sales record was by Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield -1.36M copies.

In addition, the game has increased sales of Nintendo Switch consoles as it is an exclusive game to this gaming platform. From March 16-22, 392K consoles were sold.

What is so special about this game that it sets such records?

First of all, Animal Crossing doesn't have a way of walkthrough and certain plot, but you can create and arrange your little life in it. You can fish, make your garden, paint, craft objects, explore and improve your island.

Secondly, the game follows the real time and date of the calendar. It means that it will take one real day to build a house, it gets darker at night and the weather changes depending on the season.

Thirdly, such game stylistics and its cartoon vibe create a cozy atmosphere and attract the gamer. That's why the game became the great time-killer, especially in this situation. One couple even conducted the wedding in the game, because their real one was postponed due to COVID-19.

Moving on to the most interesting part - Twitch statistics.

The game gathered 245K viewers at its peak, the total number of hours watched is 20M, in general and the average number of viewers of this category is 90K

The most popular streamer in terms of hours watched is hanryang1125 from Korea, the total number of hours watched of channel is 1M hours, in total he spent 61 hours streaming Animal Crossing. The peak on his broadcast was 27K viewers.

On second place, according to the amount of hours watched is xQcOW from Canada - 448K hours. He is also on the second place in terms of peak viewers on Animal Crossing broadcasts - 30K spectators were following the development of his island.

The 3rd position is occupied by saddummy, one of the most popular streamers in Korea in Just Chatting category. The total number of hours watched of her streams is 403K, but the broadcast peak was only 11K spectators.

The next one is Rubius, the Spanish streamer and YouTuber. He has 37M subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is the leader in terms of viewership peak - 43,9K and the average number of viewers on the broadcast was 31K, although Animal Crossing airtime equals only 11 hours.

The news resource Fextralife closes our Top 5 ranking. Their stream was conducted by Yuria. The number of hours watched is 277K. Although they streamed only 11 hours, they are in 2nd place by the average number of viewers on the broadcast - 23,8K, and the peak on the broadcast was 28 thousand viewers.

In which countries did Animal Crossing perform best? English-speaking viewers compose 45,1% of the total number of views, followed by Korean-speaking viewers - 27,9%. French-speaking viewers hold the 3rd position - 10,6 percent, although no French streamer made it to our Top 5.

Japanese-speaking viewers compile only 2% of the total number, but is not surprising, as the English-speaking viewers always prevail with their amount of people.

DOOM Eternal was launched together with Animal Crossing , you can find the statistics of this game in our blog.

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