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The results of Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown

The results of Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown

The new battle royale by Ubisoft received mixed reactions from the gaming community, based on our statistics for the first week on Twitch.

Devs decided to attract more people to Neo Arcadia and to celebrate the start of open beta with Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown tournament for European and North American streamers. 120 streamers took part in the event and fought for $100,000.

As a bonus, Twitch Drops were enabled at the broadcast, so players could get an exclusive skin for the launch pod.

Let’s start with the European region.

The Showdown was on air for 4 hours and for that time 75K peak viewers watched the streamers' battle. Hours Watched reached the mark of 245K.  

The event was broadcasted on 62 Twitch-channels. Official Twitch Rivals channel became the most popular and collected 21K Peak Viewers. German streamer Trymacs is the second in our top by statistics. 10K viewers watched him at the peak, so we see a considerable increase of German-speaking viewers.

In the third place by stats is Spanish streamer IlloJuan with the difference of only 1,5K viewers. He, Fesbak, knekro, and other Spanish streamers made a big impact on the broadcast, so, as a result, Spanish became the second most popular language. 21K Spanish-speaking viewers watched the stream in total.

The team of Italian streamer Pow3rtv has won in the European region.

The battle in North America has finished on the 14th of July, and the results were quite worse than in Europe. The peak reached the mark of 71K viewers.

Regarding the participants, Tfue’s broadcast was leading by Hours Watched, but it couldn’t overtake the official stream in terms of Peak Viewers and stopped at the mark of 17K spectators.

This region hadn’t such diversity by languages since all the streamers were English-speaking.

Tfue, Mendo, and Aceu became the North American champions of Neo Arcadia. Aceu has also reached the top-3 Twitch Rivals streamers with the mark of 9K Peak Viewers.

The results of the first Hyper Scape tournament aren’t bad, frankly speaking. Did you like the new Battle Royale with a cyberpunk setting? Share your opinions on our social pages. The statistics of other Twitch Rivals you can find here.

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