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The most popular tournaments among the Russian viewers

The most popular tournaments among the Russian viewers

The Russian-speaking viewers have always held Dota 2 in high regard. This is perfectly demonstrated by the ranking of the most popular tournaments among the CIS audience. We will only consider the peak viewers results of the championships.

Nowadays, The International 2019 is the most popular event among the Russian-speaking viewers. This year's Dota 2 World Championship updated a large number of its records, among which was the peak of the Russian broadcast.

Speaking about The International, one cannot but pay attention to the result of the 2017 competition. Its peak viewers mark is lower than the one achieved at The Kiev Major. This can be explained by several factors.

The main one would be the participation of the “home team” (represented by in the tournament finals. In addition to this, during the 2016-17 DPC season, only two Major events were held, which means that each of them had more “weight.” Also, the second of these events took place in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. All of this created some of the wildest levels of hype, resulting in 473 thousand viewers.

It is worth noting that despite the large number of events in the CIS, the record of the Kiev competition was still not surpassed. The closest to it was Kuala Lumpur Major, with its most popular match gathering 256 thousand Russian-speaking viewers.

At the same time, the closest in terms of peak viewers strictly among the tournaments that took place in this region would be EPICENTER Major 2019. By the way, unlike its two counterparts, its titular match didn't get a CIS-based team – so perhaps this was its problem.

In our top, following The International 2017 are two season-opening majors. In the 2016-17 season, the first DPC event was The Boston Major, and in 2017-18, opening the competitive year was The Kuala Lumpur Major. Both of them took place after the discipline has faced a relatively long break, which is why they received their “records.” It's simple: they welcomed all the “hungry” Dota viewers.

There was a spot for a CS:GO event as well. Namely, this game's last World Championship took the eighth spot. StarLadder Major Berlin was watched by 238 thousand peak viewers. This result makes the tournament from StarLadder the most popular championship not only among its class, but across the whole discipline as a whole.

Before it, the most popular major among the Russian-speaking CS:GO fans was the FACEIT Major, with a result of 192 thousand peak viewers. Even IEM Katowice Major with its 172 thousand could not overcome the success of the London event, instead becoming the game's third most popular tournament.

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