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Twitch categories in July: Off-season's impact

Twitch categories in July: Off-season's impact

Half of the summer has passed, and this means only one thing for esports - off-season. Summer stagnation has negatively impacted on July statistics of Twitch categories, and the first 5 games didn’t change its positions in our list compared to June.

The Hours Watched of Just Chatting decreased by 8%, and Peak Viewers by 36,7% compared to the first month of summer. The most popular streamer in this category has changed; it’s Brunenger. The leader of June, Evelone192, has shifted to the 3rd position considering our statistics.

Top-1 League of Legends streamer of July is Loltyler1; he has overtaken all official esports channels of this game. LoL’s Hours Watched lessened by 17,8% and Peak Viewers by 15%. Though LCK Summer 2020, LEC Summer 2020, LCS Summer 2020, and other summer leagues are now being held. You can find their statistics here.

Fortnite experienced the most significant drop by Peak Viewers - 86%. Last month this result was achieved thanks to a new Battle Pass season and additional in-game content. Hours Watched of the game decreased by 16%.

The peak of Call of Duty viewers decreased by 11% and Hours Watched by 9%. Nickmercs stopped the withdrawal of spectators. This month he has collected 7,4M Hours Watched. He has hosted his series of MFAM Gauntlet Warzone tournaments and has overtaken the official Call of Duty League by statistics. More details about his tournament can be found in this article.

Escape from Tarkov has lost 8 positions in July, as viewers lost interest in the game after a new update. Hours Watched decreased by 77% compared to June and the peak by 74%. 

Minecraft improved its situation not only thanks to streamers but also with the help of Twitch Rivals Minecraft Bingo Challenge, which has collected 337K viewers at the peak. How was this result achieved? The answer is in our new article.

CS:GO almost dropped out of our Top-10 Twitch categories. Its Hours Watched has worsened by 50% for the last month. Along with that, Dota 2 stayed on its 9th position, and its Hours Watched decreased by 21%.

On 13th position is a new project from Sucker Punch Productions - Ghost of Tsushima. The game gathered 312K spectators at its peak. Read more about the results of Ghost of Tsushima on Twitch in the corresponding article.

New Hyper Scape Battle Royale from Ubisoft also joins the line of the new July projects. The closed beta of the game was launched in the middle of the month, and we have already released the reports about its achievements on Twitch and the first tournament Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown. The category itself has one of the highest viewership peaks in our list  - 466K.

We can’t but highlight the success of the Special Events category. Its peak concluded 1,4M concurrent viewers on the Ubisoft Forward showcase. The most popular streamer of this category is TheRealKnossi, which gained 10M Hours Watched thanks to its streams from his vacation and fishing time in July.

That’s not the end of our monthly reports. We’ve also prepared the article about the top Twitch streamers of July, and later you’ll see the results of Mixer and the compilation of the best tournaments of the month. So, subscribe to our social pages in order not to miss the latest statistics.

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