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Twitch Rivals: Viewership results in October - November

Twitch Rivals: Viewership results in October - November

In September, we've seen a lot of Twitch Rivals events. Streamers were competing in Call of Duty, Trackmania, Fall Guys and other categories, but which tournament has shown the best results? 

In October, we've seen Twitch Rivals Rocket League Showdown in Europe and North America. Don't forget that in July, the game switched to a free-to-play format.

Twenty racers competed for $25,000 in each region. Regarding viewership stats, the regions have shown almost the same results, but Europe managed to take the lead.

Twitch Rivals was the most popular channel in Europe with 33K Peak Viewers. Apart from English-speaking fans, French people watched the football matches thanks to Kaydop and Kennystream — 10,9K and 5K Peak Viewers accordingly.

In America, the leader remained the same, and Rizzo is in the first place among community streamers with 3,7K viewers at the broadcast.

Twitch Rivals continued its Fall Guys Friday battles, but, compared to other Fall Guys competitions, Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #4 has shown mid-range results. The interest of fans has calmed down because of the new trends on the platform.

Most viewers watched the American competition on Twitch Rivals channel - 25K viewers. Ludwig has collected 17K viewers, and DrLupo — 10K.

Europe had a strong language diversity because many streamers from different countries took part in the battle. Spanish Thegrefg was watched by 36K Peak Viewers, and Russian Buster had 35K viewers.

Elraenn is leading among Poles with the mark of 29K Peak Viewers. The peak figure of Twitch Rivals was only 8K viewers.

On November 1, we've seen an independent Fall Guys event for LATAM and Brazil. The key feature of this event is their participants, which streamed the competition on their channels.

An immense amount of Fall Guys viewers appeared on Gaules channel — 37K.Juansguarnizo is leading among Spanish — 20K at the broadcasts. This event wasn't aimed at English-speaking regions, so English contributed only 3% to Hours Watched.

Twitch Rivals Trackmania Showdown was held in the middle of the month — the first competition in this racing discipline within Twitch Rivals. In total, there were 16 European streamers and drivers, and the most popular among them was the French Zerator with the result of 17 thousand spectators, he lacked only 181 viewers to bypass the Twitch Rivals channel.

The abundance of French participants led to the fact that this language is the leader by Peak Viewers — 29 thousand. Five thousand German-speaking spectators are almost the full merit of the German streamer Trilluxe.

Twitch Rivals Mizkif's tournament stood out for its unusual format. Eight teams of streamers fought on a remade Minecraft map of Arathi Basin from World of Warcraft. Most people watched the battle on Sapnap's channel, and it is easy to explain, as Nicholas devotes almost all his time to Minecraft.

Twitch Rivals on the new Spellbreak battle royale gathered only 20K viewers. The game was released in September by a minor game publisher, so it did not gather many spectators. But the project itself deserves attention because it has an unusual setting and combat system in the form of a combination of elements, which makes the battles exciting and unpredictable.

The most popular streamer Twitch Rivals Spellbreak was DrLupo with 7,8K at the peak.

In October, we've seen the first League of Legends: Wild Rift tournament. All the details in our separate article.

Moreover, Riot Games cooperated with the platform and hosted Twitch Rivals Seraphine LoL & LoR Showdown to present a new champion Seraphine to play Legends of Runeterra.

We should note that for this event, Twitch Rivals didn't enable its official broadcast, so most viewers met the new hero mainly on LolTyler1 channel — 48K Peak Viewers.

During Halloween, Twitch Rivals held Dead by Daylight Showdown and it has collected 36K Peak Viewers. We also celebrated this Autumn holiday and prepared TOP-5 Horror games on Twitch for Q3, 2020.

This year Coronavirus didn't let to hold TwitchCon, one of the most important streaming events. The platform organized GlitchCon instead. An online festival with entertaining and competitive content with streamers. All info is here.

Twitch Rivals Escape from Tarkov Showdown was held in two regions — North America and Europe. There are very few competitions on this game, so the audience was interested in watching their favorite streamers. The European audience was marked by language diversity because of the streamers from different countries.

In addition to the official Twitch Rivals channel, Battlestategames with 12 thousand viewers became the leader among English-language channels.

As for North America, the official broadcast wasn't the leader. Shroud was the #1 streamer of this event — 32K viewers at the peak. The next on the list are Pestily, lvndmark and Drlupo.

Call of Duty tournaments complete our results. Initially, Twitch held Showdown in North America and Europe. Ninety streamers showed themselves in two game modes. North America took the lead in terms of statistics, as CoD in this region is much more popular. Nickmercs, TOP-1 streamer of this category, became the leader of the event by Peak Viewers — 64 thousand.

The last tournaments were held to show the new part of Call of Duty — Cold War. According to statistics, Scump took the lead in terms of stats — 30K Peak Viewers. At the moment, he is a TOP-2 streamer of the new part of Call of Duty.

In autumn, the best results were shown by League of Legends and Minecraft, and if you want to know more about streamer statistics, try our new analytical service Streams Charts.

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