Street Fighter V (SFV) Tournaments Statistics

Street Fighter is one of the oldest and most respecting fighting series in the history of game industrie. It has a long history and a lot of fans from the whole world, which helps this game stay popular game nowadays.

Street Fighter V develops actively as the esports discipline. Developers of the game. Capcom, help to organize a huge amount of tournaments anywhere they can. What is more, Capcom organize Capcom Cup yearly, the biggest Street Fighter tournament with the best players from the whole world and the biggest prize pool in the season.

Street Fighter V (SFV) Tournaments

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Logo Title Prize poolPeak viewersHours watched Event date
Prize pool - Peak viewers 30.08K
w/o CN: 30.08K
Hours watched 376.70K
w/o CN: 376.70K
08.06.19 - 09.06.19
Duration: 19 hours
Army Entertainment Esports JBLM Washington
Prize pool - Peak viewers 12.96K
w/o CN: 12.96K
Hours watched 45.29K
w/o CN: 45.29K
01.06.19 - 02.06.19
Duration: 6 hours
BeasTV Cup #1
Prize pool - Peak viewers 7.92K
w/o CN: 7.92K
Hours watched 50.32K
w/o CN: 50.32K
01.06.19 - 02.06.19
Duration: 8 hours
Combo Breaker 2019 Prize pool $21 110 Peak viewers 50.20K
w/o CN: 50.20K
Hours watched 614.18K
w/o CN: 614.18K
24.05.19 - 26.05.19
Duration: 29 hours
Army Entertainment Esports D.C Armory
Prize pool - Peak viewers 10.89K
w/o CN: 10.89K
Hours watched 37.05K
w/o CN: 37.05K
18.05.19 - 19.05.19
Duration: 7 hours
Battle Arena Melbourne 11 Prize pool - Peak viewers 9.59K
w/o CN: 9.59K
Hours watched 97.08K
w/o CN: 97.08K
17.05.19 - 19.05.19
Duration: 16 hours
Texas Showdown 2019
Prize pool - Peak viewers 7.86K
w/o CN: 7.86K
Hours watched 48.56K
w/o CN: 48.56K
10.05.19 - 13.05.19
Duration: 13 hours
Saigon Cup 2019
Prize pool - Peak viewers 10.91K
w/o CN: 10.91K
Hours watched 89.06K
w/o CN: 89.06K
11.05.19 - 12.05.19
Duration: 16 hours
Army Entertainment Esports Camp Mabry
Prize pool - Peak viewers 12.72K
w/o CN: 12.72K
Hours watched 54.41K
w/o CN: 54.41K
04.05.19 - 05.05.19
Duration: 5 hours
Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2019
Prize pool - Peak viewers 18.82K
w/o CN: 18.82K
Hours watched 64.64K
w/o CN: 64.64K
11.04.19 - 04.05.19
Duration: 8 hours
Northwest Majors XI
Prize pool $2 070 Peak viewers 7.19K
w/o CN: 7.19K
Hours watched 17.50K
w/o CN: 17.50K
27.04.19 - 29.04.19
Duration: 8 hours
Versus Masters 2019
Prize pool - Peak viewers 17.17K
w/o CN: 17.17K
Hours watched 147.75K
w/o CN: 147.75K
27.04.19 - 28.04.19
Duration: 16 hours
The MixUp 2019 Prize pool $15 899 Peak viewers 43.67K
w/o CN: 43.67K
Hours watched 305.56K
w/o CN: 305.56K
20.04.19 - 21.04.19
Duration: 13 hours
Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Southeast Asia Prize pool - Peak viewers 3.52K
w/o CN: 3.52K
Hours watched 7.93K
w/o CN: 7.93K
Duration: 3 hours
Brussels Challenge Major 2019
Prize pool - Peak viewers 4.51K
w/o CN: 4.51K
Hours watched 32.83K
w/o CN: 32.83K
Duration: 10 hours
Honda Head2Head Event 6 Prize pool - Peak viewers 12.38K
w/o CN: 12.38K
Hours watched 17.66K
w/o CN: 17.66K
04.04.19 - 05.04.19
Duration: 2 hours
NorCal Regionals 2019 Prize pool $18 100 Peak viewers 64.92K
w/o CN: 64.92K
Hours watched 507.42K
w/o CN: 507.42K
30.03.19 - 31.03.19
Duration: 16 hours
Final Round 2019 Prize pool $18 270 Peak viewers 52.97K
w/o CN: 52.97K
Hours watched 684.35K
w/o CN: 684.35K
15.03.19 - 18.03.19
Duration: 25 hours
Honda Head2Head Event 3 Prize pool - Peak viewers 11.58K
w/o CN: 11.58K
Hours watched 20.08K
w/o CN: 20.08K
07.03.19 - 08.03.19
Duration: 2 hours
EVO Japan 2019
Prize pool $27 150 Peak viewers 32.63K
w/o CN: 32.63K
Hours watched 238.47K
w/o CN: 238.47K
15.02.19 - 17.02.19
Duration: 18 hours
Kumite in Tennessee 2019 Prize pool $750 Peak viewers 4.99K
w/o CN: 4.99K
Hours watched 13.92K
w/o CN: 13.92K
04.01.19 - 06.01.19
Duration: 8 hours
Final GEICO Championships 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 13.79K
w/o CN: 13.79K
Hours watched 28.20K
w/o CN: 28.20K
Duration: 4 hours
WinnerStaysOn Sessions ft. Top UK Players
Prize pool - Peak viewers 3.99K
w/o CN: 3.99K
Hours watched 8.47K
w/o CN: 8.47K
Duration: 3 hours
Capcom Cup 2018 Prize pool $250 000 Peak viewers 123.73K
w/o CN: 120.47K
Hours watched 1.71M
w/o CN: 1.66M
14.12.18 - 17.12.18
Duration: 28 hours
Red Bull Conquest Finals 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 98.15K
w/o CN: 98.15K
Hours watched 382.51K
w/o CN: 382.51K
16.11.18 - 19.11.18
Duration: 10 hours
Red Bull Kumite 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 49.99K
w/o CN: 49.99K
Hours watched 414.45K
w/o CN: 414.45K
10.11.18 - 11.11.18
Duration: 18 hours
Capcom Pro Tour LATAM 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 21.92K
w/o CN: 21.92K
Hours watched 172.64K
w/o CN: 172.64K
03.11.18 - 04.11.18
Duration: 13 hours
Canada Cup 2018 Prize pool $15 000 Peak viewers 27.83K
w/o CN: 27.83K
Hours watched 275.36K
w/o CN: 275.36K
27.10.18 - 28.10.18
Duration: 14 hours
East Coast Throwdown 2018
Prize pool - Peak viewers 11.41K
w/o CN: 11.41K
Hours watched 36.17K
w/o CN: 36.17K
20.10.18 - 22.10.18
Duration: 6 hours
JAM Festival 2018
Prize pool - Peak viewers 3.19K
w/o CN: 3.19K
Hours watched 7.36K
w/o CN: 7.36K
21.10.18 - 22.10.18
Duration: 8 hours

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