Worlds 2018 infographics

Worlds 2018 infographics

Sup, guys! It's quite a long time since we are writing about Worlds 2018. Let's sum up all the results. To make it easy and beautiful we made infographics, where you can see information about all the stages of the tournament, the most popular broadcasts and matches.

The number of viewers had been growing up gradually with each stage till it reached a peak during the grand final. The number of Chinese viewers reached a historic height, but the inconvenient time zone and short duration of the event did not allow to realize the full potential of the of the western team participating in the final. 

Regarding the activity of fans, Vietnamese were more active than the Korean ones. French community was recognized as the most active European community of League of Legends fans.

For more statistics check our infographics.

P.S. 200,000,000 viewers were obtained from the sum of all viewers from all Chinese platforms. We did not take into account the platforms which use rating and do not show a specific number of viewers (for example, DouyuTV). The largest number of viewers was on PandaTV, where over 110 million users watched the tournament at the same time.

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