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TI9: The battle of studios

Posted Jul 18, 2019

Every year, within the bounds of main Dota 2 tournament qualifiers, an extremely interesting battle of the main studios of discipline takes place. This season was no exception, but the battle was held only among the Russian-speaking audience. The viewers had a choice between Mainсast and RuHub – and this is what we will talk about today.

For the starters, we should compare this year's results to those of the last season. It includes all studios, even the Southeast Asian ones. As you can see from the image, this time, the average number of the qualifiers' viewers had a relatively small decrease, around 4,000 people. At the same time, the peak figure has managed to outdo the 2018' qualifiers by a considerable margin, showing an increase of slightly more than 84 thousand.

The comparison of studios should be started from the results of all the qualifiers. The largest viewer base here belongs to Maincast, with the respective figure of the studio being equal to 47.7% of the total number of Hours Watched  The second spot is occupied by the guys from BTS with 36.6%, and completing the top 3 is RuHub with its 15.7%.

It is quite amusing that the western part of Dota 2 fanbase is not that large. This becomes especially clear when comparing the results of BeyondTheSummit with their respective Russian-speaking colleagues. The domination of Russian-speaking fans was quite visible even before, but it grew to even larger size at the qualifiers.

All in all, this suggests that the new project of the former representatives of SLTV and RuHub has turned out to be successful, leaving these two studios out of action. Talking about the former studio, the company's talents have participated in the Maincast broadcast, whereas SL themselves decided to skip such an event. At the same time, the act of renting talents itself became rather advantageous for this whole situation.

The domination of the project of the legendary duet is even more visible at the CIS qualifications for The International. Maincast managed to get 58% of the total number of Hours Watched for these selections. At the same time, RuHub had the respective figure being only equal to 23.6%. In case of BTS, the stream of qualifiers for BTS is not far behind the creation of ESforce – 18.4%. We should mention that the figures mentioned in this paragraph were collected only at the matches of the event, while a variety of shows happening after these were deliberately omitted.

The newcomers of the market have managed to stand out in terms of other statistics as well. We have analyzed the broadcasts of the studios over July 11th-14th (when the matches were held in Europe, North America, China), and collected quite interesting data for this particular period. For example, during these few days the stream of Maincast had 74% more unique viewers.

We'd like to note a rather unusual broadcast figure featured within this limited period of time. Apparently, 3.8% of the total number of viewers of Maincast have spent at least 30 hours of their time at their broadcast. For example, the respective figure of RuHub stands at only 0.8% - which is, to think of it, almost 5 times less!

What about sharing the audience? The gist of it is that 68% of viewers of the Moscow studio have spent their time also at the broadcasts from Maincast. If we look at the same figure, but in the opposite direction, it would only reach 38%. This suggests that the latter was more successful when it comes to poaching its rival's viewers.

Concluding the article, it can be stated with confidence that this year Maincast became an absolute champion of the battle of the studios that happened at the qualifiers for The International. It is also important that all the studios specializing in coverage have managed to properly fill this part of the summer season with interesting content. Given all the excellent broadcasts and the pleasure of spectating the games, this portion of summer was quite satisfying to the Dota 2 fans.

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