ML Tournaments

Logo Title Prize poolPeak viewersHours watched Event date
Piala Presiden Esports 2019
Prize pool - Peak viewers 136.02K
w/o CN: 136.02K
Hours watched 1.42M
w/o CN: 1.42M
30.03.19 - 31.03.19
Duration: 25 hours
MPL Philippines Season 2 Grand Finals Prize pool $100 000 Peak viewers 40.82K
w/o CN: 40.82K
Hours watched 229.11K
w/o CN: 229.11K
12.01.19 - 13.01.19
Duration: 16 hours
Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge Season 4
Prize pool - Peak viewers 30.12K
w/o CN: 30.12K
Hours watched 230.18K
w/o CN: 230.18K
07.01.19 - 09.01.19
Duration: 15 hours
Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge Season 3 Prize pool - Peak viewers 17.78K
w/o CN: 17.78K
Hours watched 117.00K
w/o CN: 117.00K
26.11.18 - 28.11.18
Duration: 17 hours
MPL MY/SG Season 2 Playoffs Prize pool - Peak viewers 35.90K
w/o CN: 35.90K
Hours watched 368.14K
w/o CN: 368.14K
19.10.18 - 21.10.18
Duration: 21 hours
MPL Indonesia 2018 Prize pool $73 589 Peak viewers 99.68K
w/o CN: 99.68K
Hours watched 548.68K
w/o CN: 548.68K
13.01.18 - 01.04.18
Duration: 31 hours
Prize pool - Peak viewers 6.54K
w/o CN: 6.54K
Hours watched 64.79K
w/o CN: 64.79K
12.01.18 - 11.03.18
Duration: 46 hours
Mobile Legends Community Cup Philippines 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 2.64K
w/o CN: 2.64K
Hours watched 35.47K
w/o CN: 35.47K
20.01.18 - 03.02.18
Duration: 33 hours

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