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The most popular streamers of July on Twitch

The most popular streamers of July on Twitch

In July, the famous German showman TheRealKnossi took the silver spot in the top of Twitch streamers with his incredible result of nearly 12 million hours watched. This ranking was graced by a plethora of other interesting changes as well.

The former cyberathlete xQc became the most popular streamer of July. Felix has overtaken his closest rival, TheRealKnossi, by merely few tens of thousands of hours watched.

By the way, the German streamer has really managed to impress everyone with his results this time. The channel has achieved a significant part of this indicator due to streaming a large event known as ANGELCAMP 2020 – which was about showing the recreational activities of some of the Germany's popular public figures. This is indicated by the channel's replays as well, which collected several times more views as compared to the ordinary streams. Additionally, in July this streamer has reached the mark of 310 thousand peak viewers.

Fextralife and NOBRU were the other two newcomers to the ranking. The former is a rather frequent visitor of this top, the channel being the official Twitch page of the respective gaming community. It earns its spots in the ranking due to displaying great variety when it comes to its own team of streamers.

The case of NOBRU is more intricate, thus requiring detailed explanations. When compared to other members of the top 10, this channel is distinguished by its target game – Garena Free Fire. Mobile battle royale has been showing impressive results on other platforms for a number of years already, but managed to reach Twitch only recently.

Aside of the usual streams, at the end of July the channel was also broadcasting the COPA NOBRU championship. Although its results are not quite record-breaking, the very presence of this discipline in the top already sets a positive trend.

The Brazilian streamer gAuLeS dropped by 6 spots at once. CS:GO (the main discipline of this streamer) took a short break in July, resulting in the lack of former abundance of esports matches featuring Brazilian teams and decreasing the audience numbers.

The ranking of the Russian-language streamers kept the owners of the first two spots unchanged. This means that Evelone once again became the most popular here with his result of 3 million 132 thousand hours watched. Following him with a 36% worth gap was Buster with his 1 million 987 thousand hours watched.

Closing the top 3 was the cyberathlete known as SilverName. After suffering an unfortunate injury, Vladislav returned to broadcasting in July. Still, he was yet to fully recover, which so far resulted in a disrupted schedule – as compared to the one from few months earlier.

Another streamer, bratishkinoff, was also affected by problems – as Twitch has blocked his channel in July. While this was not a permaban, it still prevented the streamer from spending a proper month of broadcasting.

The situation regarding the top spot is interesting given that its peak viewers mark is nearly identical to one of an entire esports studio. Indeed, there's only a few hundred viewers difference between the peak viewers marks of RuHUB and Evelone. It looks like Dota 2 is still going through the hard times.

The spots taken by the streamers of this game serve as a partial proof of this. Stray228, who was in the top 3 just a couple of months ago, now is at the fourth spot. Meanwhile, ybicanoooobov was left outside of the top 5, while Dread (who was formerly frequenting the ranking's top) didn't even manage to reach the top 10.

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